Do you accept Bitcoin or ETH for your services?

Yes, we do accept BTC & ETH payments. 

Which payment processor do you use?

Although we have chosen BitPay as our Bitcoin payment processor partner initially, due to our clients' feedback for personal information requested by third-party processors, we have now our in-house payment processing for smooth transitions.

How much time do you take to process orders paid with BTC?

All the orders are processed almost instantly after payment has been received.

Where do I have to transfer or make manual payments?  

Details of payment can be found on the invoice. You can also check with any support executive for the details. 

Can I add BTC Payment more than my invoice?

Yes, of course.

Your invoice will be paid and the remaining amount will be added to your credit. 


Still, got more queries that are not addressed here?


If you still want to find out more about BTC Payment and other payments or queries, please ping us on Live Chat. We are always here to help you. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

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